Careers in Agriculture

Careers in Agriculture - Know here the details of Agriculture courses and colleges in India.

Agriculture courses and colleges in India

Agriculture is the backbone of India, as it is the largest sector contributing to the Indian economy. More than 60% of the Indian workforce is employed in the agricultural sector. With more thrust on the food security, jobs related to agriculture, farming and diary industry are expected to multiply in future. Sun will not set on the agriculture industry until the human race exists.

Offered Courses

* Bachelor of Science(Agriculture) 3 years

* Master of Science(Agriculture) - Duration : 2 years

* B.E.Agriculture Engineering - Duration : 4 years

* MBA Agricultural Management - Duration : 2 years

* Doctorate in Agriculture

Area of Specialization

* Agriculture Microbiology

* Agriculture Economics

* Agriculture Entomology

* Agriculture Genetics

* Horticulture

* Plant Breeding

* Soil science and Agri chemistry

Career Opportunities for Agriculture

Government Jobs

* Field officer for crop development

* Research fellow in Pesticide Formulation Institutes

* Agriculture Officer in Banks

* Teaching positions in agricultural and horticultural universities

* Technical Assistant, Research Scientist in Soil & Water Conservation Research & Training Institutes

* Officers in National Seed Corporation, Food corporation etc.

* Officers in Fertiliser Manufacturing Companies

Other Jobs

* Rural development officers, Agriculture development officers etc.

* Industries related to Dairy processing, Fertilizer & Pesticides, Feed manufacturing etc.

* Finance and insurance companies

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