Careers in Architecture

Careers in Architecture - Know here the details of Architectural Courses and Colleges in India.

Architectural Courses and Colleges

Architect is a creative person who finds ways to express something through buildings. Today's monuments, townships, commercial buildings are the expression of an architect. The architect is the person responsible for the layout, design of these enormous structures, townships, houses, bridges, monuments, highways, towers. Architects now specialize in areas like interiors, piling, bridges, under water constructions etc. Infrastructure industry in India has a vast requirement for architects who can turn building to monuments.

Offered Courses

* Bachelor of Architecture - Duration : 3 years

* Master of Architecture - Duration : 2 years

Area of Specialization(M.Tech.)

* Urban design

* Housing Landscape

* Architecture

* Industrial Design

Career Opportunities for Architects

Government Jobs

* Department of Railways, Housing Boards

* Town and Country planning organizations

* National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.

* City Development Authorities

* Housing and Urban Development Corporations

Other Jobs

* Private constructions

* Real Estate development firms etc.

* Experienced architects can have their own business.

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