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Careers in Art - Know here the details of Art & Design Courses and Colleges in India.

Art & Design Courses and Colleges

A career in art doesn't mean simply painting of canvases, but it has a vast scope. In every piece of newspaper, magazine, book, poster, and leaflet, there is a creative heart or hearts which are toiled to get it perfect. Now with the latest software, life of artists has simplified. Taking up an art course can make you a website designer, computer-graphic artist, animators of cartoons, games, TV. Also, one can teach art to kids and adults and have one’s own studios.

Offered Courses

* Bachelor of Fine Arts - Duration : 3 years

* Master of Fine Arts - Duration : 2 years

* Bachelor of Arts - Duration : 3 years

* Master of Arts - Duration : 2 years

Area of Specialization(M.F.A)

* Painting

* Sculpture

Career Opportunities for Art

* Art, Culture & Language Department

* Art director or Photographer in Advertising agencies

* Product designer,Interior designer,etc. in Industrial design

* Set designer, Costume designer

* Art teacher, Lecturer

* Graphic (or) Web Designer, Illustrator(Computer knowledge)

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