Careers in Biotechnology

Careers in Biotechnology - Know here the details of Biotech Courses and Colleges in India.

Biotech Courses and Colleges

Biotechnology is a field where biology is applied to engineering, technology, medicine. Some of the fields include cell, tissue culture, genetic testing, cloning, hybrid plants etc. A career in bio technology makes you a research scientist in pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, chemical, environmental remediation, energy industry. Apart from this, with lesser qualification, one can get into laboratories as assistants in research projects or in education as teachers.

Courses Offered
B.Tech / B.Sc Biotechnology3 years
B.Tech /M.Tech Biotechnology Dual Degree5½ years
M.Tech- Integrated Dual Degree, Biochemistry Engg.& Biotechnology5 years

Career Opportunities for Bio-Technology

Government Jobs

* Scientific Director, Scientist in Research Institutes

* Pharmaceutical companies, Chemical industries

* Agricultural Institutes, Crop management Institutes

Other Jobs

* Clinical Research Manager, Lab Assistant

* Agriculture and Fertilizer Research Agencies

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