Careers in Catering and Hotel Management

Careers in Catering and Hotel Management - Know here the details of Chef Courses and Colleges in India.

Chef Courses and Colleges

Catering and hotel management education teaches to cook tasty food for large number of people efficiently and present them attractively in a neat and customer friendly way. Catering and hotel management is aimed to satisfy all the senses right from the sense of taste. So, along with the catering, the minor aspects of decoration, music, housekeeping operations, billing, valet parking, front desk operations are taught. Apart from these, there are courses which specialize in baking, bartending etc.

Offered Courses

* Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology -- 3 years

* B.Sc in Hotel Management -- 3 years

* Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology -- 4 years

* P.G. Diploma in International Hotel -- 2 years

* Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery -- 1 year

* Diploma in Hotel Reception and Book Keeping -- 1 year

* Diploma in Restaurant and Counter Service -- 1 year

Career Opportunities for Hotel & Catering Management

* Kitchen Management/ House keeping Management Trainee in Hotels

* Catering Officer or Chef in Cruiselines

* Restaurant Manager, Maintenance Manager

* House Keeper, Institutional Catering Supervisors

* Catering Manager, Head Executive Chef, Food and beverage manager

* Faculty in Hotel Management/ Food Craft Institutes (having practical experience in industry)

* Managers or Supervisors in Tourism Development Corporations

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