Careers In Nutrition And Diet

Careers In Nutrition And Diet - Know here the details of Dietitian and Nutritionist Courses and Colleges in India.

Dietitian and Nutritionist Courses

Dietitians are experts who formulate the right diet patterns for patients suffering from illness, sportsmen, and people working in special conditions. Obviously, the nutritious diet is one of the significant requirements for good health. If the food that taken lacks in nutritional value, it may cause severe health issues. Dietitians conduct research on the compositional and nutritional values of various foods and then formulate appropriate food pattern for people of different age, physical conditions.

Offered Courses
B.Sc.,(Food Technology)10+2 with Physics/Maths3 years
B.Sc.,(Home Science)10+2 with Physics/Maths3 years
M.Sc.,Food Science & NutritionGraduation in Food tech./Home science2 years
Diploma in Nutrition & DieteticsGraduation in Chemistry/Zoology/Home science/Food tech.1 year
Diploma in Clinical NutritionGraduation in Chemistry/Zoology/Home science/Food tech./Nutrition1 year

Career Opportunities for Dietician

Government Jobs

* Home health agencies

* Prisons

* Railways

Other Jobs

* Airlines, Hotels, Child health care centres etc.

* Provide nutritional services for patients in Hospitals

* Athletes camps, Corporate cafeterias

* Food product manufacturing companies

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