Are cell phones necessary in schools & colleges?

How did the previous generations manage without them?

vickram, 12-December-14 1:10 PM
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Pranesh, 28-November-12 1:25 PM

mobile phones can be used by college students instead..

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Bhargavi, 06-October-12 8:48 AM

No need of mobiles in colleges.We need not carry over mobiles to colleges r schools. In Case of urgency we can contact through our principal.

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Geeths, 22-September-12 1:35 PM

I would say no to both schools and colleges, now-a-days technology ruins everything.. When friends are around that's good no need for cell phones there.. it could be used only when you get matured enough to handle all right and wrong things.

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saravanan, 20-July-14 1:36 PM

Mobile phones can be used in colleges, but must not allowed in schools. Because, college students have maturity to analysis what is good and bad.

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