Careers in Engineering

Careers in Engineering - Know here the details of Engineering Courses and Colleges in India.

Engineering Courses and Colleges

Engineering is a concept using which humans devised fundamental inventions, right from the wheel. Engineering is applying the mathematical, technical, scientific knowledge to design and implement things to get the desired result. Engineering is applied in wide scope of industries, right from hardcore industries to software to make new inventions, to solve existing problems smoothly. Engineering is also known as an invisible science. In recent times, engineering has been termed as the solution for all problems as engineers analyze and solve problems.

Various Engineering Courses

* Aeronautical Engineering

* Automobile Engineering

* Automation Engineering

* Bio-Medical Engineering

* Bio-Chemical Engineering

* Civil Engineering

* Chemical Engineering

* Computer Engineering

* Electrical & Electronics Engineering

* Electrical & Communication Engineering

* Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

* Electrical & Product Engineering

* Fiber Engineering

* Geo-Informatics Engineering

* Industrial Bio-Technology

* Industrial & Production Engineering

* Industrial Electronics Engineering

* Information Science & Technology

* Instrumentation Science & Technology

* Leather Technology

* Marine Engineering

* Mechanical Engineering

* Mechatronics Engineering

* Material Engineering

* Metallurgy Engineering

* Mineral Engineering

* Naval Architecture & Ship Building

* Petro-chemical Engineering

* Polymer Engineering

* Structural Engineering

* Tele-Communication Engineering

* Textile Engineering

Career Opportunities for Engineering

* Engineers can get jobs in various Government and Private sectors based upon their course.

* Engineers have several scopes in Multi National Companies and abroad

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