Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board

Main Examination details for Agricultural Research Service.

ASRB Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board Exam

Disciplines for Agricultural Research Service Main Examination and their eligibility criteria are as follows

ARS disciplines & Code No.QualificationsPrelim. ARS / NET Pass Subject Criteria
01. Plant Genetics Masters degree in Genetics or Agriculture/Botany with specialization in Genetics/Plant Breeding 1. Crop Improvement
02. Plant Breeding Masters degree in Agriculture/Botany with specialization in Plant Breeding or Plant Genetics
03. Economic Botany Masters degree in Agriculture/Botany/Horticulture with specialization in Agriculture Botany/Economic Botany/Plant Taxonomy/Plant Genetic Resources
04. Seed Technology Masters degree in Agriculture/ Botany with specialization in Seed Science/Seed Technology or Seed Science and Technology
05. Plant Pathology Masters degree in Agriculture/Botany/Life Sciences/Plant Protection with specialization in Plant Pathology/Mycology2. Crop Protection
06. Plant Nematology Masters degree in Agriculture/Zoology/Entomology/Plant Pathology/ Plant Protection with specialization in Plant Nematology
07. Agricultural Entomology Masters degree in Entomology/Agriculture/Zoology/Entomology/Sericulture/Apiculture/Plant Protection with specialization in Agricultural Entomology
08. Agricultural Chemicals/Organic Chemistry Masters degree in Agriculture/Organic Chemistry/Chemistry with specialization in Agricultural Chemicals
09. Biochemistry (Plant Science) Masters degree in Bio-Chemistry/Agriculture/ Life Science with specialization in Biochemistry3. Basic Plant Science
10. Plant Physiology Masters degree in Plant Physiology/Agriculture/Botany with specialization in Plant Physiology
11. Agricultural Biotechnology Masters degree in Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering/Botany/ Plant Science/Life Sciences/Agriculture with specialization in Plant Biotechnology/Life Sciences
12. Agricultural Microbiology Masters degree in Microbiology/Agriculture with specialization in Agricultural Microbiology
13. Biochemistry (Animal Science) Masters degree in Animal/Veterinary/Dairy/ Fisheries Sciences with specialization in Biochemistry4. Basic Veterinary Sciences
14. Animal Biotechnology Masters degree in Biotechnology/Life Sciences/ Veterinary/Animal/Fisheries Sciences with specialization in Animalor Veterinary Biotechnology
15. Veterinary Public Health Masters degree in Veterinary Sciences with specialization in Veterinary Public Health/Epidemiology5. Para Clinical Veterinary Sciences
16. Animal Reproduction and Gynaecology Masters degree in Veterinary Sciences with specialization in Animal Reproduction/Gynaecology/Obstestrics6. Clinical Veterinary Sciences
17. Animal Genetics and Breeding Masters degree in Animal/Veterinary Sciences with specialization in Animal Genetics and Breeding7. Animal production
18. Livestock Production Management Masters degree in Animal/Veterinary Sciences with specialization in Livestock Production Management
19. Fisheries Resource Management Masters degree in Fisheries Sciences/Marine Biology/Aquatic Biology/Zoology with specialization in Fisheries Resource Management/Fisheries Ecology/Capture Fisheries/Fisheries Management/Fish Biodiversity/Aquatic Biodiversity/Ecosystem Management/Fish Population Dynamics8. Fisheries Sciences
20. Fish Processing Technology Masters Degree in Fisheries Science with specialization in Fish Harvest/Post Harvest Technology or equivalentMasters degree in Industrial Fisheries/Fish Microbiology/Food Microbiology or Biochemistry or Food Technology with specialization in Fisheries aspects. 9. Fish Harvest and Post Harvest Technology
21. Agronomy Masters degree in Agriculture with specialization in Agronomy/ Soil Water Management/Conservation Agriculture/Farming SystemsManagement/Forage Production10. Agronomy and Agricultural Meteorology
22. Agricultural Physics Masters degree in Agricultural Physics/Agriculture with specialization in Agricultural Physics
23. Soil Science - Pedology Masters degree in Agriculture/Soil Science/Agricultural Chemistry with specialization in Soil Genesis Survey and classification11. Soil Science
24. Soil Science - Soil Chemistry/Fertility/Microbiology Masters degree in Agriculture/Soil Science with specialization in Soil Fertility/Soil Chemistry/ Masters degree in Science with specialization in Soil Microbiology
25. Soil Science - Soil Physics/Soil and Water Conservation Masters degree in Agriculture/Soil Science/Agricultural Chemistry/Agricultural Physics with specialization in Soil Physics and Soil and Water Conservation
26. Agricultural Chemistry Masters degree in Agriculture/Agricultural Chemistry or Chemistry with specialization in Agricultural Chemistry and Chemicals
27. Home/ Family Resource Management Masters degree in Home Science/Home Management/ Family Resource Management or Home Science related subjects12. Home Science and Family Resource Management
28. Agricultural Economics Masters degree in Agriculture Economics/Agricultural Marketing/Dairy Science/Animal Veterinary/Fish Sciences with specialization in any of the above subjects / Masters degree in Economics13. Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business Management
29. Agricultural Extension Masters degree in Agriculture/Veterinary/Fisheries/Dairy or Home Science with specialization inAgricultural Extension/AgriculturalCommunication.14. Agricultural Extension
30. Agricultural Statistics Masters degree in Statistics/Agriculture/Veterinary Sciences/Dairy Science/Animal Science/Mathematics with specialization in Agricultural Statistics15. Statistics and Computer Application
31. Farm Machinery and Power Masters degree in Agricultural Engineering/Mechanical/Industrial Engineering with specialization in Farm Machinery and Power16. Farm Machinery and Energy
32. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Masters degree in Agricultural Engineering with specialization in Soil and Water Conservation/Irrigation & Drainage/Water Resources Management (B.Tech stream) /Water Resource Engineering/Water Sciences & Technology(B.Tech stream)/M.E./M.Tech in Hydrology or Masters degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in Water Resources/Hydrology/Hydraulics (B.Tech stream).17. Land and Water Engineering
33. Dairy Microbiology Masters degree in Dairy/Veterinary/Animal Sciences with specialization in Dairy Microbiology18. Diary Basic Sciences
34. Mechanical Engineering Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering19. Basic Engineering
35. Electrical Engineering Masters degree in Electrical Engineering/Agricultural Engineering with specialization in Electrical Engineering
36. Electronics & Instrumentation Masters degree in Engineering/Technology/ Agricultural Engineering/Physics with specialization in Electronics/Instrumentation
37. Textile Chemistry Masters degree in Textile Chemistry20. Textile Science
38. Textile Manufacture Masters degree in Textile Manufacture/Technology

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