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Careers in Management - Know here the details of Business Administration Courses and Colleges.

Business Administration Courses and Colleges

Management is a process that helps to complete a task or achieve a goal by effectively combining people together. Management can be applied into wide areas like finance, human resources, operations, systems, and marketing. Most of the organizations will have some or all of the above said departments. To achieve the goals of an organization properly, trained people are required to manage the core activities. All the corporate companies are looking to get a sustainable competitive edge by inculcating ethical management people. MBA institutes in India select students by written aptitude tests like CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, JMET, etc.

MBA institutes in India select students by written aptitude tests like CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, JMET, etc.

Offered Courses

* Bachelor of Business Administration - Duration : 3 years

* Master of Business Administration - Duration : 2 years

Area of SpecializationDescription
FinanceFinance tasks that include Costing, Budgeting, Working capital management, Investment Banking, etc.
MarketingMarketing tasks that include Sales, Market research & advertising, and Brand management.
Human ResourcesManaging job analysis, employee relations, restructuring analysis, skill development, recruitment, hiring specialist and so on.
OperationsProduction-related responsibility that includes Inventory Management, Vendor Development, Purchase Management and Enterprise Resource Planning.
ComputersE-commerce and telecommunications.

Career Opportunities for Management

Government Jobs

* Banks

* Insurance Companies

Other Jobs

* Accounting or Finance Managers,Financial Analysts, Cash Manager, Investment Banker

* Product and Brand Manager, Marketing Manager.

* HR Executive, Finance trainee

* General Operations Manager, Operations Management Engineers

* Information System Manager. Job includes managing computer programmers, system analysts and company equipments, etc.

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