Careers in Healthcare and Medicine

Careers in Healthcare and Medicine - Know here the details of Health and Medical Courses and Colleges in India.

Health and Medical Courses and Colleges

The diagnosis and treatments, which were earlier handled singly by the general practitioner, is today divided amongst posses of specialists for better results. Thus, specialization is inevitable for the medical students who seek to carve a niche for him/her in this profession.

Courses in Medicine
Areas of SpecificationDescription
AnatomyStudy about the structure of the human body
CardiologyStudy about the heart and circulatory system
DermatologyStudy about the problem related to the skin
DentistryStudy about the mouth, teeth, gums, soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity
Gynaecology and ObstetricsStudy about the female reproductive system
NeurologyStudy about the brain and nervous system
OphthalmologyStudy about the problems in Eye. ENT Specialist : diagnose problems in Ear,Nose and Throat
PaediatricsStudy to diagnose and treatment of Children's diseases
PsychiatryStudy about the Mental disorders

Job Opportunities

*Job opportunities in Private and Government hospitals

*Job opportunities in Health Centers and Research Institutions

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