Careers in Veterinary Science

Careers in Veterinary Science - Know here the details of Veterinary Medicine Courses and Colleges in India.

Veterinary Medicine Courses and Colleges

Veterinary science educates students to prevent and cure disease in animals and birds. Veterinarians also perform surgery on animals and birds. With more people rearing pets in their homes and more awareness on wildlife protection, Veterinary science provides its share of jobs. BVsc is the undergraduate course in veterinary science, for duration of 4 years and MVsc is the post graduate course in veterinary science with specializations that are specific to animal husbandry, diary, poultry, piggery, preventive medicines with sub specializations related to following categories like economics, management, extension, microbiology, reproduction etc.

Offered Courses

*Bachelor of Veterinary Science - Duration : 4years

*Master of Veterinary Science - Duration : 2 years

*Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry -Duration : 5 years

*Bachelor of Fisheries Science - Duration : 4 years

Choices of Veterinary Science(M.V.Sc)


*Animal Husbandry

*Clinical Medicine and therapeutics

*Meat Science and Technology

*Obstertrics and Gynaecology



*Veterinary Physiology

*Wild life science

*Animal Genetics and Breeding

*Animal Nutrition



*Preventive Medicine

*Veterinary Microbiology

*Veterinary Pathology

Career Opportunities for Veterinary Science

Government Jobs

*Veterinary Doctors

*Veterinary Scientist

*Public health professionals

Other Jobs

*Dairy and Poultry Farms

*Animal food companies, Pharmaceuticals

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